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Photo by Javier Robles (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Kansas bills violate transgender rights

Despite increased acceptance of the LGBT community, transgender students are the newest target of discrimination laws. Specifically in Kansas, two proposed bills would prohibit transgender students from using a restroom or locker room that correlates with their gender identity.

A depressive man standing by a country pond in the pouring rain - not helping his state of mind. Wood engraving, 1869. Image via Wellcome Library, Wellcome Library No. 13804i. [CC BY 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

Reforming our attitude about mental health

When one-in-five American adults and children meet the criteria for a diagnosable psychological disorder, we need more than just healthcare reform. We need to reform how we see, think and talk about mental illness.

The MNU cheerleading team poses for a picture at the Heart of America Athletic Conference Championship on Feb. 6. This was the team’s third and best performance of the season, finishing third in the competition. Photo credit: Banen Royer.

MNU cheer team flying high with new head coach

With a new coach, MNU's cheerleading team is striving to best last year's top ten finish at nationals.

The war on drugs has not been effective in eliminating drug dependence. The current policies focus on putting those suffering from addiction in prison rather than actually treating their addiction. Fair use image by: Jonathan Harris

It is Time to Pull the Plug on the War on Drugs

High incarceration rates do not indicate success in the war on drugs. In fact, they seem to indicate the exact opposite.


Week of Scholarship Recap

From April 7th to the 10th, MidAmerica Nazarene University held its second annual Week of Scholarship. Featuring four days of scholastically based events, this celebration of campus academics was both entertaining and educational.

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Preparing for Life After Graduation

Each year, students graduate from college and begin their professional lives. MNU business professors and professional recruiters from companies in the Kansas City area talk about what to do and what not to do when looking for a job.

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Depression: A College Reality

Depression can affect anyone, and college students are at risk. 

Internship photo

Internships: Applying Knowledge Outside the Classroom

Internships are quickly becoming crucial in the search for jobs after college. 

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MNU Students Discuss Human Trafficking

MNU students engage in a multi-university conversation on the prevention of human trafficking.


Students Serve Passionately In Haiti

Partnered with Heart to Heart International, MNU students travel to Haiti through the Passion to Serve project.


Interesting Classes at MNU

Five unique classes offered in the spring semester.

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Why Church Attendance Won't Earn Chapel Points

Are the rules regarding Spiritual Formation Credits too rigid? The Rev. Brady Braatz speaks on MNU's vision for chapel. 

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