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Where to be and what to see in spring 2017

By Alexis Gonzalez
Dec 14, 2016

There are many opportunities to get involved and join the community on campus. From baseball games to theatre productions to late night breakfast, there are new options around every corner.

Many of the spring’s highlights will come from athletics, as track and field, softball, baseball and men’s and women’s basketball roll on. Sophomore outfielder Nathan Anderson said that he is looking forward to a successful season for MNU baseball.

“I am excited to play and help my teammates win and push each other to become better,” Anderson said. “Our team is full of solid players that have been working really hard, so I think we are going to have a great season.”

Students wear red, white and blue to cheer on the Pioneer football team. There are many opportunities in the upcoming semester to support MNU students through athletics and fine arts. Photo by Lindsay Willmer.Students wear red, white and blue to cheer on the Pioneer football team. There are many opportunities in the upcoming semester to support MNU students through athletics and fine arts. Photo by Lindsay Willmer.

With band concerts, choir concerts, plays and improv shows, there are a lot of opportunities coming up next semester in the fine arts department. MNU will be putting on two theatre productions in the spring. One is MNU’s 50thanniversary fine arts weekend show that will incorporate current students and alumni. It will involve scenes and musical numbers from shows that the university has done in the past 25 years. From March 29 through April 2 in the black box theater, MNU students will perform The 39 Steps, a melodrama adapted from the novel by John Buchan and the film by Alfred Hitchcock. The show has up to eight cast members playing approximately 30 different characters. If students are interested, auditions will be held on Jan. 17 in the black box.

Action Pact, the improv team, will continue to perform once a month in Smith 200. Director Heather Tinker, explained what makes Action Pact shows unique.

“It’s really different from a normal theatrical presentation; you [an audience member] get to be a little more involved,” Tinker said. “The fun of it is that you never know what is going to happen. And crazy things can happen, like actors crawling in the ceilings of places. You just never know!”

MidAmerica also has numerous ministry opportunities that students can get involved in, including Freedom Fire, an urban youth ministry in downtown Kansas City. Students carpool from the circle at 5:45 p.m. on the first and third Friday of every month to play games, paint faces, paint fingernails, have a devotional time and eat pizza with the kids. Senior Allie Harvey is one of the leaders for this ministry and said she has a passion for loving these kids and getting the chance to be a part of their lives.

“I enjoy Freedom Fire because of the unique relationship built,” Harvey said. “There are so many cute faces and personalities that make you want to come back every week. There is a lot of brokenness within this little community whether that be family or other relationships, and so the fact that I can be a consistent face for them is the least I can do.”

       A new ministry on campus, Lunch Buddies, is led by freshman, Hadley Copeland. Students will meet on Mondays at 11:30 a.m. and go to Havencroft Elementary School to pair up with a student during their lunch period to talk and build relationships.

“I felt led to start Lunch Buddies as a ministry because I believe we are to love people right where we are in our own neighborhoods and communities,” Copeland said. “That is just what I believe Lunch Buddies is going to be all about - loving children right across the street.”

During the first week back to school, ASG’s bi-annual Late Night Breakfast will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 10 at 9 p.m. in Campus Center. Junior Kelsey Woods, director of student services, said that students are encouraged to wear their pajamas and their best onesie for prizes that will be awarded.

“We will also have a trivia night and the winners will receive great prizes,” Woods said. “It’s a great time to catch up with everyone after Christmas break, eat and play games.”

The MNU community has plenty to look forward to in the spring. In the meantime, enjoy Christmas break, relax, spend time with family and get ready for an exciting semester ahead.


Alexis Gonzalez

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Alexis Gonzalez is a student at MidAmerica Nazarene University and a reporter for The Trailblazer.

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