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The first months of Bright Futures

By Alex Schmitt
Feb 14, 2017

Tim Keeton, associate vice president of university advancement, said that he was optimistic about the project’s progress.

“[There] are some things that are coming down the pipe for us,” Keeton said. “Just within the last few months we’ve had a few campaign executive committee members, actually three, who have stepped forward, who are hosting events in their homes.”

From the announcement of the campaign at homecoming last semester, the project has gone from having raised $26.5 million to having raised $29.1 million as of January 17: an increase of $2.6 million in the three month period.

An architect's rendering of the Cunningham Student Center. MNU’s Bright Futures Initiative hopes to fund the building of this center. Photo Credit to PGAVArchitects.An architect's rendering of the Cunningham Student Center. MNU’s Bright Futures Initiative hopes to fund the building of this center. Photo Credit to PGAVArchitects.

Keeton said was pleased with the progress that the university has made in the time this project has been running.

“We have raised nearly $29.2 million towards the $61.3 million goal.” Keeton said, “We are encouraged by the support that our volunteer members and our campaign executive committee are providing in a number of ways.”

The University received a government grant in 2015 that has paid for many of the academic programs in full.

“Of the $29,169,679 raised, this is through January 17, [the Title III grant] accounts for this figure, $9,098,305.” Keeton said. “Basically that represents the whole amount of Title III commitments that are supporting campaign initiatives.”

Among the projects being fundraised through this initiative are the new MNU Athletic Complex and the Cunningham Student Center. These projects will cost a combined $26 million, of which $6.6 million has been raised.

The academic projects that the university hopes to include are the creation of a Center for Academic and Professional Studies, the creation of a Career Services Center, an expansion for the Student and Academic Support Center, the development of new undergraduate and graduate degrees and stipends for faculty use. All of this is expected to cost $7 million, of which $6.3 million has been raised.

According to MNU’s Bright Futures website, the University also hopes to increase student scholarship, build up the university contingency fund, foster local church support and establish endowments for academic chairs and professorships. The University hopes to receive $26.2 million for this portion, of which $16.3 million has been raised.

Dr. Jon North, vice president of university advancement, said that this was a comprehensive campaign that includes every dollar raised for these projects, from every source of donation.

“It involves gifts that have come for the student center, gifts that have come in for scholarships, for endowments, it counts the grants that we go out and seek and win,” North said, “it counts all the support that comes in from churches.”

This campaign is scheduled to run through June 30, 2020.

Alex Schmitt

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Alex Schmitt is a History at MidAmerica Nazarene University, and he is also the news editor for The Trailblazer.

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